- Hinge in all movements, a flawless finish.
  - Head connector compatible with JYDoll, Doll-forever, Climax and Irontech Doll
  - Very big choice of model and approved ROHS, REACH and FDA
  - Personalize your doll according to the choice of available heads

- Doll with hollow breast for a more realistic and mellowing feel.
- Makes first quality TPE, 100% human feeling
- Emeritus supplier, fast service and manufacturer's warranty
Body structure: Stainless skeleton and joints, can do any positions as per your request.

Our dolls are delivered in a corrugated cardboard box reinforced by thick foam plates. The body is protected from dirt in a translucent polyethylene cover, all carefully wrapped in a soft duvet. The head, the accessories and the documents relating to the command are called between the legs of the body.
The head simply screws onto the body via a threaded sleeve. We recommend arriving at the blocking to make a return of about a half turn so that the head can pivot freely from right to left and from left to right without ballotter.
The wig simply lands on the head of the doll. Its adjustment is provided by two internal shoulder straps. A correct adjustment allows a good cohesion with the head and prevents the wig from moving when handling the doll.

Cleansing sexual orifices with water or mild soap is essential after each sexual use. Since the porosity of the TPE does not guarantee a perfect sterilization, it is necessary to clean each hole properly and to dry them with the greatest care.
The body is cleaned with soapy water or with a foam bath. To detach the stored dust, gently stroke with the palm of the hand without pressing and without rubbing with the nails. The tough dirt can be removed without rubbing with cotton soaked in gasoline to prevent the structure from rusting, do not wet the thread of the screw inside the neck.
If the doll has been temporarily disguised, it is possible to remove make-up (without scrubbing) with make-up remover or cotton soaked in gasoline.
The wig is cleaned without rubbing with soapy water and rinses under a net of water. Drying should be natural without using a hair dryer. A film of talcum allows to comb it without defibrating it.

Our dolls can be heated in a warm bath or with a warm blanket. We recommend not to raise the body temperature to more than 40 ° to prevent it from being deformed. Not use heater orifice as It is found in Love Shop because an imprecise regulation little irreparably damage the TPE.

Before dressing up a doll, it is advisable to tip her body to promote the sliding of clothes on the TPE. Sometimes it is necessary to be imaginative, such as putting tights under tight jeans or putting on socks for a long sleeved blouse. Good tricks facilitate everyday tasks and considerably increase the life of the doll.
The contact of the TPE with certain dyed artificial leather articles or other coloured leather materials can in the short term result in an oil rejection reaction. All new and coloured garments must imperatively be washed several times before being placed in contact with the TPE.
Putting shoes too tight increases the risk of nail-to-toe detachment and promotes the appearance of cracks on the tops of the feet.

The contact of the TPE with certain dyed artificial leather articles or other coloured leather materials can in the short term result in an oil rejection reaction. To mitigate the tasks of the TPE due to the coating, it is imperative to use only the removing oil of the walk and to clean again and again gently and several times and the stain will disappear in the long run. We advise against the use of any other product.

We can not give any guarantee of the nature of the use of the product, it is only you to follow the instructions of
use and your dolls will always be in perfect condition for several years.

Doll move and rotate range

The physical activity scope of the dollsThe dolls are made of simulation human body silicone. Due to the characteristics of the silicone product itself, excessive activity or too large a movement angle may result in the rupture of the silicone, thus please take care in use.

Here are activity limitations for every body part of our silicone doll:

The doll's head is connected to its body with metal connectors and can turn to the right and the left freely.
However, because its neck is fixed by the metal skeleton, the head-lifting and head-bowing forward and backward should not exceed 45 degrees and the head-swaying to the right and left should not go beyond 45 degrees.

Standard Shoulders and upper arms:

The upper arms can be raised forward as high as to the chest, that is, about 60 degrees forward.
They can be bent slightly backward for 5-10 degrees.

Shrugging Shoulders (Optional)

On request doll can have Shrugging shoulder,  they can be raised to both sides horizontally as high as to the chest level, that is,
about 60 degrees in the directions of both sides. When the upper arms are being folded inside (chest-hugging), they should not exceed the chest,
that is, about 15 degrees inside.

The lower arms and wrists:

The doll's lower arms can rotate in one direction for 90 degrees. Because we set displacement restrictions on the bones,
the lower arms cannot bend or rotate in the other directions. (just like a real woman's bones).

The doll's wrists can bend up and down 45 degrees up and down separately.
The lower arms can rotate with a 60 degree limit (again, just like a real woman's body)


The waist:
WARNING: Not for all dolls
The doll's waist can bend to the left and right horizontally, the angles for this are limited to 30 degrees.

The angles for waist bending forward and backward (waist bending and chest thrusting out) are limited to 40 degrees. When the body rotates right and left (waist twisting), the angles are limited to 40 degrees.

When the waist is bent and rotated simultaneously, angles in all directions are superimposed and the limits are reduced by half. For example, if bending the waist to the left while twisting it at the same time, the angle limits in all directions will be reduced to the maximum of 20 degrees.

Hips and thighs:

The thighs of the dolls can be separated to both sides to the maximum of 130 degrees and for single leg splitting the leg can be increased to 100 degrees.
However, we don't recommend opening the doll's thighs too wide as the action can produce much too pulling force on the doll's silicone which can cause damage.

Knees and ankles:

The lower legs can be bent backward to the maximum of 120 degrees and the recommended angle is 100 degrees.
They have mechanical displacement restrictors and cannot be bent forward.

All the doll eyes are movable. If you want to move the doll's sight line, first open the eye, push the eyeball al little back, then rotate the eyeball to the new angle..


Although our dolls can make movements in a larger scope, the angles listed above are the officially recommended activity restrictions. If the limited angles are exceeded, the silicone in that area may tear and our recommended repairs may be necessary.

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